trucks-joeAfter over 50 years of serving the Valley as part of the Farnsworth Companies, you can be assured that Farnsworth Heating, Cooling and Plumbing will be around for the long haul to service all of the products that we sell, maintain, and install. Honesty, Integrity and competence are what we base our business model on.

Our company is built on the goal of providing you the best repairs and installations for your home services to our customers’ complete satisfaction. Our friendly reputable service has been around more than 50 years in the valley, and that experience means we will take care of your entire home environment operating needs. Farnsworth Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing is proactive in maintaining the life and condition of your home before you need service repairs. Our goal in safeguarding your home is to preserve its long-term value, protect your loved ones from hidden dangers and save you thousands of dollars because you chose the pre-emptive approach.


We maintain our strong consumer confidence by giving you our full guarantee and the benefit of our years of expert service whenever a situation arises. Have the peace of mind knowing you have someone to call when you’re not quite sure just what’s wrong or what needs done, but something isn’t operating right.

We specialize in Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Heating. We know how things work, what lasts and what wears, what needs to be modernized and how to keep things from breaking down. We assure you, you can comfortably moderate your environment. With our wide array of home services, it is easy for homeowners to make one call for all their repair and installation needs.